Luxury Watches NYC launched unique marketplace for Watches

Luxury Watches NYC Corp. (  a leading certified pre-owned watch Trader has launched a brand new, online marketplace to buy and sell pre-owned luxury watches that guarantees competitive pricing on an easy-to-use, secure re-commerce platform with a commitment for customer satisfaction.

A Company with a history of over 15 years in watch trading and brokering, is intended to provide their customers a novel and easy way to buy or sell their pre-owned luxury watches through an online portal, which is connected to a network of committed buyers. Not only that, Luxury Watches NYC Corp. has taken a step further by providing in-house authentication by industry’s leading watchmakers with 40 years of combined experience.

Industry analysts estimate that the global Pre-owned luxury watch industry’s annual worth currently is at about $40 billion dollars (Source: International Watch & Jewelry Guild (IWJG). The increasing demand for “pre-owned watches,” or refurbished watches alone Increases about $1-3 billion dollar marketplace opportunity every year. Also, among pre-owned luxury goods, the market for watches represents the largest growth by total value, compared to jewelry, diamonds & handbags.

“We have created a total solution for the buyers & sellers of pre-owned luxury watches that addresses the inefficiencies and limitations presented by current marketplaces,” said Levi Babakhanov & Rafael Iskhakov, the Co-founders of Luxury Watches NYC Corp. “Pawn shops, traditional jewelry stores, high-end auction houses, or existing online marketplaces don’t offer a guaranteed Buyback Program for every watch they sell, which limit qualify buyers from keep buying more watches and contribute to the life cycle of pre-owned watch market.” As innovators, Levi and Rafael are hoping to fill this gap.

Luxury Watches NYC Corp. marketplace offers VIP private sales opportunities for pre-qualified sellers with the safest and quickest way to sell high-valued pre-owned watches to an army of committed buyers and receive the best dollar value.

“We provide our customers with many advantages, including complete safety from credit card fraud, service warranty for every watch sold, and guaranteed fair data driven buying and selling prices,” said Mr. Babakhanov. “For the buyer, we provide two critical services – free after-sale care for 2 years and authenticity. Our buyers have access to over 1000+ timepieces of pre-owned Rolex, Cartier, Breitling and many more luxury watches that have already been authenticated by our professional watchmakers, thus, saving them valuable time and money while avoiding the headaches of having to deal with unsophisticated or unscrupulous sellers.”

Our Fees

For bringing sellers and buyers together, Luxury Watches NYC Corp. charges a sliding scale commission for successful transactions and neither party pays for an item that does not sell. Seller fees are industry lowest 10% including transaction fees. This compares to 20-50 percent of an item’s value that’s charged by local jewelry stores or online consignors. Furthermore, the seller ends up getting just 10 to 20 cents on the dollar for their Pre-owned branded watches compared with 80-95 percent of the market value under Luxury Watches NYC Corp.

About Luxury Watches NYC Corp.

Luxury Watches NYC is a family owned Pre-owned Watch Trading and brokering company which offers brand name watches at discounted price. Our company has been in business since 1998, Our e-commerce Sourcing department open in 2013  and we have offices in the heart of New York City and Phoenix, Arizona. Our aim is to provide you a wonderful experience in high-end watch trade, while maintaining great prices & exemplary customer service. We stand behind our products with up to a 2 year warranty on watches and a 30-day money back guarantee on every item. All of our products are Certified Pre-owned, professionally serviced and authentic.


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